Reenvisioned Breaker Box
Prototype / Iowa State University / Industrial Design / Senior Show / 2017
Contact is a system of products designed to make owning and operating a smart home easier than ever. The revamped breaker box gives you complete control of your home anywhere. Data is communicated through the existing electrical grid to customizable outlets, switches, and lighting. Intelligent features automate your home, learn your preferences, and help reduce energy waste effortlessly. 
What's Inside
Redefining the breaker box
Projector & IR Scanner
Projector and IR scanner work together to create a touch surface eliminating the need for multiple screens
New function, familiar look
The breaker box was given a technological refresh while still remaining familiar to Electricians. 
Swappable faceplates
Faceplate material can be chosen to match the user’s home. Materials include drywall, wood veneer, aluminum, or stone 
Home network
In addition to traditional breakers, Contact contains your homes peripheral devices relaying their data through the electrical grid. 
Smart user profiles
Contact recognizes who’s near and displays their own custom home screen.  
Adaptable interface
Contact’s projector adjusts showing you relevant information when accessing the breaker face.
Contact Connect App
Full control of your home, anywhere. 
Swappable Outlets
Customizable outlets, switches, and lighting put you in control.
Contact uses power line communication to send data through your electrical grid. When using Contact’s outlets, switches, and lighting all you have to do is plug them in and use your phone to choose how they behave. The possibilities are endless. 

The Future Home
Net zero energy usage, customization, and automation effortlessly.
Contact Key Fob
Your new house key works as your own personal remote while tracking your habits and providing contextually aware settings.  
Full project coming soon.

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